Learning on mistakes

As some of you know, I am spending days at home this week because I hurt my right foot in Aikido training in monday evening. During practicing of one technique, my friend pushed me with all his weight down to mat and ligaments on my foot couldn`t hold us both. A nasty sound I could feel more than hear, let me know I am done with aikido training for a while. Pain came right after, luckily not as hard as I expected.
Being bored at home, between changing cold compresses, I was thinking about what has happened. This is the first serious injure I had in about 12 years now – the one that will prevent me from training Battodo about a week, and from training Aikido and Iaido for about a month. Maybe even more. Well, some of my friends would say not to take it too seriously, injuries happen, especially in martial arts. But what concerns me more is a fact that situation just few seconds before was under control. To be precise, under my control and it should stay that way. What happened?
Long time ago, in medieval Japan, there was a swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi. A long after he died, a historical novelist Eiji Yoshikawa wrote a book about his life and there was an event described there, event that helped Musashi to realise that times of learning has not come to an end. He was walking over the bridge and while thinking about something else, failed to notice a rusty nail peaking from a board; he stepped on it and it entered deep in his foot, causing him much trouble. What was most important, that put him in possible danger for he could not be able to defend himself if he was attacked. For someone who was shugyōsha, medieval Japan was not a safe place. While he was thinking about what happened (and why!!!) he came to conclusion that his mind was too occupied with not so important things, preventing him to be aware of danger. He then understood that he could be attacked as well, without being aware attack started.
Being reserved as if the story was a fiction or true, this was a nice example of things in everyday life that could be understood in different levels. For the most it was just accident; for someone, it presented a difference between life and death. I don`t want to compare myself with a great swordsman Miyamoto Musashi was; I would not dare. What I wanted to say is that situations like that one happens everyday. Mind is like a butterfly, flying from one flower to another, enjoying life. Then car arrives and butterfly finds itself stuck in a cooler…
So, I was not careful enough. Despite the years of training my mind was bound to a certain situation, failing to see whole picture. And to predict things that could happen. It was all my mistake.
Another great swordsman of the same time (16th and 17th century), Yagyu Munenori, wrote a book Heiho Kadensho – Book about martial arts and military strategy of Yagyu family. The following is a part that is the goal of many martial arts practitioners. As with a lot of martial arts books, this excerpt could be applied to everything else in life.

Once you have trained yourself well, your body and limbs would move automatically without any conscious effort. Your mind will not be overwhelmed by your physical movements. You will employ techniques unconsciously without having to think. Once you have attained this state of mind, not single doubt nor a hesitation will arise. No opponent, not even the devil, will find the opportunity to attack. Train yourself thoroughly and then forget about it. Throw away your mind. You will follow the way without being aware of it. This is the mistery of the way.

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195 Responses to Learning on mistakes

  1. gdare says:

    Kimmie, thanks anyway, for things unsaid :DMik, I bet they were covered with scars. Miyamoto Musashi had a lot of duels in his life and not all of them went smooth. He experienced serious wounds, especially when he challenged the entire Yoshioka school on duel. Almost got killed there. It was middle age, people were not so polite like today :whistle:

  2. Spaggyj says:

    I was gonna say something, but Mik said it better :doh:

  3. Furie says:

    Chalk it in the experiences column then. It's something you'll remember forever meaning you've learned from it. Good training session if you don't count the pain and time out. :up: You know this got me thinking about these legendary swordsmen and how they're always portrayed with perfect complexion. A swordsman that good would be covered in scars from training and battles. Things they've survived but that they'll remember forever so they don't get caught that way a second time.

  4. Furie says:

    Training is important, experience builds on the training, and your general awareness can add to both, creating something almost unbeatable on paper. Like the legendary swordsman you mentioned in your post, or me. :p But the fact remains that nothing can compensate for you having a bad day while your opponent has a good day. These things happen. Of course, all the training and awareness can help, but no-one can be ready for everything.

  5. Spaggyj says:

    Just wish I had a different input for you 😆 . Still, my thoughts are there, even if somebody typed them first :p

  6. Furie says:

    That's cause I've tapped into everyone's minds through their phones and take the best bits for comments, babe. 😉

  7. gdare says:

    You are right, of course, but I can`t help myself thinking that I could predict that. I know I could. Now I will remember it forever :DOriginally posted by Furie:

    or me


  8. KYren says:

    That excerpt reminded me the Matrix movie scenes. And I am not focused on anything. I am a Hamlet, to be or not to be is always my question.

  9. Furie says:

    Hold on, I think we've seen a recent-ish film about his life. It was based on a true story and the hero in that took on a whole school. Damn it, I can't remember it's title, but it was excellently made.

  10. gdare says:

    Kimmie, that counts as well :up:Kyren, Matrix? Well, maybe Wachowski brothers read Yagyu`s book. Which I seriously doubt :lol:Mik, there were a lot of TV series and movies about Miyamoto Musashihttp://www.imdb.com/find?s=all&q=MusashiAnd, yes, he won. This is from Wikipedia:"Musashi challenged Yoshioka Seijūrō, master of the Yoshioka School, to a duel. Seijūrō accepted, and they agreed to a duel outside Rendaiji in Rakuhoku, in the northern part of Kyoto on 8 March 1604. Musashi arrived late, greatly irritating Seijūrō. They faced off, and Musashi struck a single blow, per their agreement. This blow struck Seijūrō on the left shoulder, knocking him out, and crippling his left arm. He apparently passed on the headship of the school to his equally accomplished brother, Yoshioka Denshichirō, who promptly challenged Musashi for revenge. The duel variously took place in Kyoto outside a temple, Sanjūsangen-dō. Denshichirō wielded a staff reinforced with steel rings (or possibly with a ball-and-chain attached), while Musashi arrived late a second time. Musashi disarmed Denshichirō and defeated him. This second victory outraged the Yoshioka clan, whose head was now the 12-year old Yoshioka Matashichiro. They assembled a force of archers, musketeers and swordsmen, and challenged Musashi to a duel outside Kyoto, near Ichijoji Temple. Musashi broke his previous habit of arriving late, and came to the temple hours early. Hidden, Musashi assaulted the force, killing Matashichiro, and escaping while being attacked by dozens of his victim's supporters. With the death of Matashichiro, this branch of the Yoshioka School was destroyed."

  11. gdare says:

    I watched Twilight samurai and I liked it a lot. Hiroyuki Sanada played well in that one :up:

  12. Furie says:

    My mistake, it's about someone else. The film was Twilight Samurai.

  13. KYren says:

    Why? Neo's body and limbs seemed to move automatically without any conscious effort.

  14. sanshan says:

    Now it is your challenge to "throw away your mind" while sitting still. I think this training is even harder! ;)Heal quickly! 🙂

  15. Furie says:

    Ah that's different. What he's doing is programming his avatar in the online world to perform that way. It's like pressing the attack button in a sophisticated video game. You keep pressing the same button but different moves are performed contextually, based on the circumstances. So while it seems like he's got the right moves for every situation he's really just going "Hit hit hit, oh crap a gun, hey did you see that cool dodge I did, hit hit jump hit."Yeah I've seen the list but don't think I've seen any of the films. Twilight Samurai was excellent though. Such detailed and moving subject matter like that yet accessible enough for both Kim and I to enjoy it when it's not normally a genre we'd look at.

  16. claudeb says:

    Yes, heal quickly! And stop fretting about it. You're human. Humans make mistakes. It's that simple. 🙂

  17. Dacotah says:

    Sorry about your foot Darko.No you need to train your mind to be patient while it heels.:DI like the quotes in your post.

  18. PainterWoman says:

    So sorry this happened. I don't believe anyone can forsee everything. You are young, fit and healthy so you should heal quickly. I know it will not be quick enough for you but be patient.

  19. rose-marie says:

    Ouch! Sorry about your foot. Apart from that I agree with Mik – you can't be prepared for absolutely everything. But next time you might be prepared for the same kind of tackle from your friend ;).

  20. ellinidata says:

    😦 sorry yu got hurt Darko,I hope you feel 100% fine soon ! :heart:

  21. PainterWoman says:

    I had to use crutches for about two weeks and keep the elastic band around my foot. I did NOT like those crutches!

  22. gdare says:

    Kyren, what Mik said 😆 I am not much into games so I think his explanation fits well :yes:San, I already feel bored 😥 But thanks :DMik, I know you and Kim are not into that genre so I was pleasently surprised to hear you watched Twilight Samurai :yes: Most of the samurai movies (the best ones) were made during 60s and 70s, but I am not sure you would like them :left:Felix, I know that. Just don`t want to make unnecessary ones :)Pam, I like that part about being "young, fit and healthy" :whistle :yes: Thank you :)Carol, training of patience is one of the main aspects of martial arts practicing :DRose, thanks 🙂 Now let me share a strawberry ice cream with you :chef: :whistle:Angeliki, thank you :)Originally posted by ellinidata:

    I hope you feel 100% fine soon !

    I think it will be in about a month 😀

  23. gdare says:

    As you said, idiot. Well, my foot is not in that bad condition, I will be able to walk normally in about a week or so, without limping. If nothing is broken and ligaments are just stretched, the best way to put foot back in normal is to fix it with elastic band and walk. Flow of blood will help hematoms to disappear faster. Also, the muscles would not atrophy – I know it hurts but it can help.

  24. PainterWoman says:

    Darko, something very similar happened to me many years ago. I was playing volleyball in the sand at a company outing. I was always good at that. There was one very aggressive man who kept trying to play the entire court and would jump in front of everyone to hit the ball, no matter if the ball was coming right to them. Someone told him to stay in his own spot which apparently made him mad. I was in the front row and the ball was coming over the net right to me and I spiked it back over the net. Only thing is, that guy, who was now mad, bumped me while I was in the air and I came down very badly on one foot instead of two, with him on top of me. The pain was terrible and my foot began to swell immediately. Someone took off my shoe then my husband took me to the hospital. It tore all the ligaments in my foot and the doctor was amazed that it didn't break. Can't remember now which one but I do remember my toes looking like sausages for two or three weeks. The guy didn't even apologize but left right after I was on the ground. Idiot!

  25. Suntana says:

    :doh: OUCH! No, I didn't know about this.Darko, it's interesting how you seem more concerned about how the Fugg you could have possibly lost the advantage and absolute control of the situation rather than on the pain and injury itself. C'mon, Darko, don't be so hard on yourself. Even Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, Bruce Lee, Etc. have gotten their Asses kicked. :yikes: Uhhh, :left: :right: NOT that I'm implying you got yours kicked. :no: :no: 😆 All I'm saying is that even the Great Ones cannot possibly be realistically absolutely totally 100% in control of the situation 100% of the time so as to counter EVERY shot / move that their opponent throws at them. Remember, it is also THEIR goal to achieve and maintain control of the situation. With 2 equally adept and well-trained opponents, the shift in advantage can come with the most micro-sized instantaneous lapse in focus.Let's examine the situation. Were there perhaps big windows in that place? Did some woman pass by that had a strong resemblance to :left: :right: – :sst: LT? That could have been it. One nanosecond thought of LT lapse in focus and your opponent gained the advantage.So, Darko, don't turn in your Sword like Cougar turned in his Wings in Top Gun. Just keep the LT thoughts in check. You haven't lost the edge. 😀

  26. edwardpiercy says:

    *waits for the hilarious bloopers footage at the end of the movie post*Mend well, friend.

  27. SittingFox says:

    Thoughtfully written post, Darko :up:Sorry to hear about your ankle. That must hurt :eyes:

  28. Stardancer says:

    Good post, Darko.Hope your ankle heals quickly and completely.:smile:

  29. Aqualion says:

    How strange. My wife (who by the way started in tai-chi class a few weeks ago) stepped on a metal screw yesterday. It went through the sole of her best boots (which are quite solid, by the way) and directly op her foot. The funny thing is, it happened 50 meters from our doctor's clinic… However, this incident made her wonder about exactly the same thing as you. Stepping on a screw is one thing, stepping on a screw in such a way that it penetrates both boot soles and foot – in a perfect vertikal direction (I removed it, and it was absolute vertikal, directly up the boot and foot)is another thing. She is old enough to not believe in coincidence and so am I. Nothing happens without a purpose. It is up to us to either solve the puzzle or retreat and admit we'll never know.

  30. Diabolical says:

    I can't add anything but hope you heal well old man.. 😀

  31. ellinidata says:

    Originally posted by gdare:

    I think it will be in about a month

    *marks her calendar for the party!* :hat::headbang: :yes:

  32. risis1977 says:

    Wow.. I didn't know about this before..:yes:And I feel sorry bout your foot..:(But I know..you still have the spirit..I love to watched kungfu or any kind of such that..:sst: didn't get it much…:Dhehehe..

  33. gdare says:

    Pam, then you have been in a worse condition than I am now :left:Carlos, having ass kicked is one of the way of learning, so I know. Having foot hurt is not what concerns me but the fact I was so sure I have complete control of situation, when I was obviously not. And no, we don`t have big windows, our training place (dojo) is in the basement of one building :lol:Ed, 😆 thanks, I will give my best to patch myself up :DAdele, thanks, enjoy your days in Canada :up:Star, thank you 🙂 I will be ok, sooner or later :DMartin, the same thing happened to me two weeks ago when I was helping my friend in cleaning his yard, but my mind was on alert and I acted quickly, the moment I felt nail touched skin on my foot I lifted it up. No harm done.I don`t believe in coincidence too, or, coincidence could happen in negligible percent so it could be disregarded. Everything comes with a reason :DClint, thank you 🙂 Wait… old man!? :irked:Angeliki, beer is on me :DRisis, a lot of girls told me they like to watch martial arts (in movies or people practicing) because they remind them on dance 🙂 And it is no wonder, because rhythm is important in both dance and martial arts 😀

  34. risis1977 says:

    Yeah, I loved to watch dance too…but I couldn't dance :p.. I laughed my self when I dance..:lol:

  35. gdare says:

    It was 31C yesterday here, but soon it will be just rain and gray and cold. I enjoy it while it lasts :happy:

  36. gdare says:

    :sst: me too, I just can`t dance; maybe I need a proper teacher to make me dance 😆

  37. risis1977 says:

    Yup… And my place at 02.30 PM …the weather its really hot..:ko: :faint:

  38. risis1977 says:

    :lol:I might need it too..Anyway….. What time is in your place now?..:D

  39. gdare says:

    9:30 a.m. I think it is about 6 hours difference from your day time 😀

  40. risis1977 says:

    Owh… I didn't know, that dificult.. I thouht dancing its the difficult to learn for..*sorry my english not good*…Soo are you a drummer? Cool! 😎

  41. Aqualion says:

    I'm a rock'n'roll drummer, and I can't dance. People don't understand this. When I tell them it's because rhythm is a technical remedy to me, a question of mathematics, they get even more confused. When you dance, you set yourself free and let the rhythm take over your body. As a drummer, I don't do that. I stay in control. I'd have to. Otherwise the rhythm will not be a rhythm, only a series of annoying noises. A delay of only 50 thousands of a second in a rhythmic figure will destroy the continuity. Drumming demands control, and discipline. In many ways drumming is like martial arts, which is why many drummers (including myself) have taken martial arts classes while learning to drum. The physics are pretty much the same.

  42. tatora says:

    Oh , It's like a miracle !Darko I think now it's a good time for finding your power again , sometimes we get use to and our interest going to be a habit for us in this time some unpredictable accidents change everything in life ….. it's like a miracle like some one said to us wake up my dear ! wake up life is for , you see it 😉

  43. risis1977 says:

    And I couldn't enjoy it..:ko:But maybe it will rainy soon.. Just can't stand any more..Just wondering, I almost often to saw people laying on the beach, and let the sun burn their skin.. Did you think its okay for them? :confused:

  44. gdare says:

    Risis, it depends of a skin. I don`t spend too much time on a beach because my skin easily burn and it is kind of boring 😛 I like to swim and dive, so this is why I like to spend summer at sea :happy:Martin, I can understand that. Loosing a rhythm in martial arts makes you play on someone`s else music, so to say. Then you are just running and wearing yourself out :(Nasim, well, it was not one of such miracles, just a signal my body gave me, to slow down. My mind was not following it and so here I am now. Good reminder, though 😀

  45. tatora says:

    I think you miss your spider 😆

  46. tatora says:

    :bug: :bug: :bug:

  47. risis1977 says:

    :lol:Mine at 08.00 PM..Soo good evening!…:D

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