Nothing new on the west side…

Life has been as usual since my previous post. Everything is kind of “off side” in regard to big world’s concerns at the moment. But this is what the life in Vancouver look like, in general. The only turmoil was the recent oil spill from one of the cargo ships. Due to some mechanical failure, about 2,700 litres of bunker oil ended up in ocean, right near the English Bay, a very popular beach in Vancouver. Even though it was, luckily, a small spill, social and political life burst with public outrage and protest. Even though Environment Canada and Coast Guard reacted within few hours and started securing and cleaning the area, city government was informed more than 12 hours after the spill. So, no one really knew until it hit the news. Politicians, as useless as they often can be, played “the blame game” pointing fingers at each other, while responsible agencies supported by many volunteers are still cleaning beaches and shores. Sarcastically, I am kind of glad that it happened over here, in populated area where everyone could see what kind of damage, even in a small scale, BC coast is facing with increased ship and tanker traffic. Our provincial government and premier are forcing public opinion to accept building of pipeline from Alberta to BC coast but the problem is that tanker terminal should be built in the pristine and the most beautiful part of our coast. I don’t even want to think what would happen if the spill happens there: no one would know for days and the damage would be irreparable. Remember Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, in 1989? Well, they are still cleaning it…
In mean time, whenever weather permits, we try to go out and hike a bit. There was no too much snow in the area in last 3 months so some trails – mostly easy ones – are accessible if it’s not raining. We went to Lynn Headwaters park and Norvan falls as well as on one new trail near Whistler – Ancient Cedars trail. Other than that, we are trying to walk for at least 10km every weekend – sun or rain – to try to prepare for our summer Vancouver Island adventure. Once we have the itinerary, I will post it here.
Norvan Falls Feb 2015
Norvan falls; not too much water at the moment;

Black Tusk under snow Black Tusk; snow remains only on higher altitudes; this was a mild winter in southern BC;

Near big cedar - Dare Ancient Cedars trail; me standing near one of the big cedars;

Last Saturday was kind of mixed sunny-rainy day; we didn’t really feel adventurous so we decided to visit a nearby Maplewood farm – actually a small amusement park with all kinds of domestic animals. “To pet the goats” – said Sandy.
Goat whisperer goat whisperer;

Enjoying the sun enjoying the sun;

Wood duck1 wood duck in nearby pond;

In the afternoon we went for 11km walk. Just to keep us going. Literally πŸ˜€


more photos from Maplewood farm;

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21 Responses to Nothing new on the west side…

  1. pam says:

    The drive for oil I’m afraid will be the demise of much natural land. I’m always hearing about the fracking in western ND and how bad it is for the land. There already been spills near some of the rivers. Not much anyone can do. Nice pics, love the one of San w the goats.

    • gdare says:

      The drive for oil and for money. I know that we all need that oil for everyday living (at the moment) but some standards – high standards – needs to be fulfilled, otherwise we will live in destroyed and polluted countries. There won’t be much to life for, then….

      Thanks. We really enjoyed petting goats πŸ˜€

      • d4rkn1ght says:

        It is amazing that in the twenty-first century we are still running the planet on fossil fuels. I can’t believe that we are still haven’t liberated ourselves from the oil cartel that had dominated the planet since the start of the industrial era. :/

        There are so many energy alternatives out there to choose from, but the governments prefer to continue funding and making richer these oil companies plus themselves in the process. πŸ™„

        • Darko says:


          You know, when I was a kid, about 8 or 9, one day I was calculating how old I will be in the year of 2000. The result was 31 and I thought that I will be old πŸ˜› And then I thought that by the year of 2000 we will all probably travel to Moon on a regular basis. Now I will be happy if I see people landing on Mars – even though a probability is that I will be really old when (or if) it happens. So much about civilization progress and move from fossil fuels to something else…

          But I would like to be 31 again though πŸ˜›

          • d4rkn1ght says:

            I was same way growing up! 😎 I remember thinking things were going to be different by time I’d become twenty. I was expecting already Moon bases and tourist visits by 2000.

            We should be already, in the 2010 decade, landing the first man missions on Mars.

  2. waiting for know about yours summer Vancouver Island adventure πŸ™‚ .

  3. Words says:

    If 10km treks are for preparation, that must be some adventure you two have planned. I’m always stunned by the amazing landscapes you post. Love the waterfall (even if it is only a shade more than a trickle at the moment).

    • Darko says:

      Many people agree that BC is probably the most beautiful part of Canada. And I agree. What I’ve seen so far is just a small part and I hope it will change in future πŸ˜€ For this year we planned to go to Vancouver island and hike in some of the most beautiful and pretty rugged hikes there. From Juan de Fuca trail in the south, through Tofino, Strathcona and Point Grey all the way to the north of the island. The only part we will have to leave for the future is West Coast trail; that one require more time and more preparation than we can manage. But there are so many places to see here…

  4. Furie says:

    Ha, that got smile. Love it.

    Eleven kilometres is ridiculous. The only time that measurement should be used is when telling the cashier just how many hot wings you want.

  5. kimmzifoo says:

    Gosh, what lovely hikes you do go on. That waterfall shot is something else, too.

    • Darko says:

      We are trying to go to different hikes every weekend, but we are running out of new places. So we are repeating, trying to stay in shape for long hikes that are awaiting for us this summer.

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