Terra Nova Rural Park birds

Some birds that we don’t usually see there, that is.

The first were a couple of American wigeons.
A couple of American Wigeons2

After that it seems to be an usual day. There was a great blue heron fishing.
Great Blue Heron fishing

And a flicker watching us carefully.
Northern Flicker

But then we realized it was not us flicker was looking at. It was a couple of juvenile bald eagles on a nearby tree.
Juvenile Bald Eagle2
Then we’ve seen a couple more. A bit unusual but we’ve seen bald eagles here before. And then something completely unexpected.
Cooper's Hawk
A Cooper’s Hawk and then one that we just suspected it might be a Swainson’s hawk in its dark phase. But if someone is having a different or better idea, I am open to suggestions 🙂
Then there was a couple of Green-winged Teals (ducks always go in pars, right? 🙂 )…
Green-winged Teals1
… and a small Pied Billed Grebe.
Pied Billed Grebe
For the last one, San says it is pretty usual in Vancouver, but I must say I have not seen it too often – or I was just not paying attention. Ring Billed gull.
Ring billed gull

All the photos from Terra Nova Rural Park (from previous visits too) are here.

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32 Responses to Terra Nova Rural Park birds

  1. Furie says:

    Was this all in one day?

  2. d4rkn1ght says:

    Love the Hawk pic! 😎

    • gdare says:

      Thanks, I was so happy to see it. Usually, there are mallards, herons, crows, and gulls there, occasionally bald eagle. A lot of small birds, of course. But hawks? We’ve never seen them before. Hope they will stay 😀

  3. Adele Brand says:

    Good birdwatching collection! The identification of buteo hawks (including Swainson’s) is very hard because they come in so many colour morphs. It’s a nightmare in Saskatchewan because there’s so many different species there. The flicker’s cute, and the eagle is magnificent, of course.

    • gdare says:

      Thanks! We identified Swainson’s hawk by the photograph on-line where the bird was having the same exact colours. But for other one it was almost mission impossible because it didn’t fit in anything we’ve found, both in books or on-line.

  4. kimmzifoo says:

    Lovely pictures. widgeons, they’re weird. It’s like a duck and a pigeon? They seems strange to me. The pied billed grebe is so cute!!

  5. Words says:

    A great selection, and I just love seeing all those birds of prey.

  6. Jill says:

    Wow! Great sightings, Darko!

  7. Mit says:

    I thought you were at a bird garden 😎

  8. coisart says:

    widgeon? Is there Some cross breeding happening there? 😛

  9. What a diversity! Pied Billed Grebe is so cute 🙂

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