Well, not mine really, but in this case I would like to join in.
Ever since I came to Canada, I noticed that some drivers, despite strict rules in traffic, decide to follow them in their own way. Now, like in every country in the world, if you want to have a driving license, you need to pass a test, both written and driving. And as far as I know, anyone who would dare to turn on intersection without signaling, would fail it, no exception. But once some drivers get their license, they seem to forget some of the rules and one of them is using a signal when they turn or change the lane or do anything else that might interfere with the path of other drivers or pedestrians.
I am not a big driver myself, San is the one who does most of the driving while I am sitting beside her with my camera ready, in case some wildlife appears or we see something else interesting and worth of photographing. But then we would be behind someone who would not turn the signal on when changing lanes and when you are driving over 100 kmph (70 mph) this is not something you would like to see. Especially if that person is moving in front of you. That kind of behavior is so common that it really annoys me a lot. During summer I go to work on my bicycle and believe me, I have seen everything. I’ve been pushed out of a road by big trucks twice, some drivers would show me finger when I try to change the lanes and some of them would decide not to take a turn right in front of me so I would need to slam the brakes and pray to stay alive. Let’s take a look at the statistics: In British Columbia there were 260,000 reported traffic accidents in 2013, 54,000 with casualties, 260 of them fatal. I couldn’t find how many of them were caused by not using a signal light but the number is probably stunning. Most of my readers know me, and they know I was born and raised in Serbia where many drivers are having weird habits in driving and where many people died because in past police didn’t force the traffic rules (things are changing, though and with a new law, number of accidents dropped). But I don’t remember ever seeing someone turning in intersection without signaling. I mean, literally. It is a life threatening situation and no one wants to die. I’ve seen some people (and some of my friends, too) driving impaired or drunk but even they would remember to signal. How can anyone forget that!?
I am not good at ranting so I should better leave that to professionals ๐Ÿ˜€ Rick Mercer, a famous Canadian entertainer, in his previous “Rick Mercer Report” TV show made this problem a main Rant for this week.
Brief and sharp.

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15 Responses to Rant

  1. Felix says:

    Serbian drivers are better than Romanian drivers, then. Around here they fail to signal turns correctly a lot. As for how they act around bicyclists… it seems drivers everywhere have a deeply seated hatred for anyone who’s not on 4+ wheels. And sadly the authorities always side with drivers… always support drivers… while everyone else is a second-hand citizen.

    • gdare says:

      To say the truth, Serbian drivers are not that good – going through the red light, over speed limit, without fastened belt, etc. – the list would be very long. But I have never seen anyone forgetting to turn the signal on. Except somewhere in the middle of nowhere, with no other cars involved. It is like a reflex, like blinking or breathing. I don’t know…
      As for the cyclists, you are right, it is everywhere the same. Once I was riding home from work when I’ve noticed a car following me for about 200m. It was uphill so I was riding slowly. I turned to look, a young women behind a wheel of a big SUV, too scared to pass around me even on an empty street. Few cars behind her in a line, some of them honking. I needed to stop and move on a side walk to let her go, otherwise who knows what might have happened :doh:

      • Words says:

        Alcohol is probably the major cause, but yes it can be irritating when drivers don’t signal. Canada’s accident/death rate is quite a bit higher than the UK, but lower than the US. You should be grateful the SUV driver didn’t try to pass you… that’s a driver who knows you are there and is willing to share the road. But stopping to let them through is appreciated by car drivers ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • gdare says:

          Maybe I didn’t explain it well, SUV driver had a lot of space to pass around me. Also, there were no traffic from the opposite direction. She was just too insecure to go around me. And that make me nervous more than anything else. Drivers like that often panic and cause bad accidents.
          As for the accidents rate, I guess it includes a number of vehicles on the road every day, too. And over here a car is necessity, unless you live in big city and have no intention of travelling elsewhere.

  2. d4rkn1ght says:

    We have the same kind of drivers here in the States. Sometimes you get the opposite, drivers that never turn off their signals. o_O So you don’t know if they are going to turn or not. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • gdare says:

      You know, I’ve found it kind of odd, but whenever we were going to Seattle, we both agreed that drivers in Washington state are more careful and don’t do unnecessary risks on the road. It was almost a kind of relief to drive on highway 5.

  3. People do not respect traffic rules here though you can see placard everywhere says ( driving is an art ), i think It’s related to the awareness and culture of these people.

    • gdare says:

      And to the rudeness as well. We are having a small car and many of BC drivers think we need to move on side and let them pass. This weekend we were travelling a little bit and I have seen at least ten people changing lanes without signalling while driving over 120 kmph. Also, there were 4 accidents on the mountain pass due to the fast driving on slippery and slushy snow….

  4. killjoke says:

    It’s the same everywhere. Not that I have been everywhere. But I think I have been enough wheres to make a all-round assessment.

    I like rants. I do it a lot myself.

    • gdare says:

      I’ve seen that in Serbia and Croatia too, but not as bad as here. Even in US (Washington state) a drivers are more considerate, but that may be because of the fact that there are a lot of police on the Interstate highways.
      Rick Mercer is having a TV show on CBC once a week and rant is my favourite part in it ๐Ÿ™‚

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