Coherence or what is happening in my jet lagged mind

Yesterday I woke up at 2 a.m. and realized that would be it for the night. Made myself a small cup of coffee and turned a TV on because looking at computer monitor was out of question. This is what is happening in my mind when I am jet lagged: I feel tired, my eyes are watering and there is a constant hum in my mind that prevents me from straight thinking but also prevents me from sleeping. Well…

So I decided to give a chance to a movie that I’ve heard about before, even seen a trailer but never really got a chance to watch it. It is called Coherence and I really hoped that a slow sci-fi drama will give me a gentle kick back to sleep. The movie is about a group of people that found themselves in a situation to experience how it is to be a Schrödinger’s cat. Some of you probably know about that quantum physics paradox, if not just follow the link here. Now you probably know the same as before…

Anyway, movie didn’t give me a so needed rest; instead, engaged my mind in thinking even more and that constant hum that I mentioned before, turned into a slight headache. So I decided to go for a long walk and returned tired enough for a short nap. In one of the possible realities I probably had a nap before the walk. Or I didn’t go for a walk at all. Or I slept through the night and woke up alive and kicking, happy that jet lag lasted only a day. And that was a comforting thought.

Cleo1 Our cat Cleo doesn’t care about Schrödinger and his cat; she is our cat and in one of those millions of possibilities she was probably telling me that I am nuts for wasting a night in watching a movie instead of sleeping.

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20 Responses to Coherence or what is happening in my jet lagged mind

  1. Nice, wry, rambling post, Dare.

  2. d4rkn1ght says:

    Lucky you! 😉 Sometimes I go through a whole week feeling jet-lagged. 😦

  3. Why do not you try to walking in nature or sitting in a quiet coffee enough it may help
    Cleo looks self -confident (Y)

    • gdare says:

      My long walk was, actually, along a sea wall all around Stanley park. It is nice there. But coffee would just make things worse for I had a cup in the morning.

      Cleo is self confident, cats usually are 😀

  4. “Cleo is self confident, cats usually are :D” for this reason i love cats
    sorry my latest comment was full grammatical mistakes , actually i don’t know how i can edit it

  5. Furie says:

    For nights like this I have podcasts that I chill out with. Night Vale is based on the idea that the Twilight Zone and all those fifties sci-fi things take place in a single town, and the podcasts are actually the radio news report for that town. It’s really good for relaxing to, but they do tend to have music in each episode which can be jarring.

    You can check it out here –

    • gdare says:

      I am preparing to go to work so I just glanced at the topics on that link. Looks interesting and I have it bookmarked now.

      I am not sure if it comes with age but when I was younger jet lag was not as bad as it is now – it would be a couple of days (or rather nights) without sleep but there was no that constant hum in my ears and a feeling of complete detachment from time and space. My favourite SF writer, William Gibson, explained jet lag in one of his books (“Pattern Recognition” I think) as a feeling of a soul coming behind you one time zone per day, slowly following a thread of your flight. It felt exactly like that.

      • Furie says:

        Oh, that’s not creepy at all…

        I’ve rarely flown anywhere so can’t really comment on jet lag. It’s there in my blind spot with things like all in one affordable, healthy, and tasty meals and girls who don’t say your penis is a couple of feet smaller than they previously claimed when you split up with them.

  6. Jill says:

    Cleo looks like she is seated on her throne. That is exactly what it looks like she is saying, too, “nuts for wasting a night in watching a movie instead of sleeping.” We always made hot chocolate and for some reason, that would put me to sleep.

  7. coisart says:

    *goes looking for that movie*

  8. kimmzifoo says:

    I hate when you try to numb your mind so you can get back to sleep, and you end up stimulating it instead.

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