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This is a post I’ve found on iSerbia, and is called Serbia – through the eyes of a Norwegian. Funny, with details that sound so familiar because I grew up there, gives me the insight in how other people see my former country. Even though I’ve heard some of it from San, it is always a pleasure to hear it from someone else πŸ˜€

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23 Responses to Someone Else’s Post

  1. Nice post, Dare … now I know how you caught your cold!

    • gdare says:

      I must say that ever since I came to Canada, I became more tolerant to coldness but I still cant walk barefoot outside – during winter. And I’ve seen few people did that. Even though winter in Vancouver is not the same as winter in Alberta, for instance, -10C (14F) is still considered cold :mrgreen:

      • LOL … it’s cold in my estimation, too … for bare feet, anyway. My daughter has been known to walk barefoot in the snow, most probably to excite comment from people finding the footprints. Not my style, though.

        • gdare says:

          Two years ago, my Canadian brother in law was walking us out after a dinner in his house. He went out barefoot, spent about 5 minutes standing on a cold freezing concrete 😯

  2. Furie says:

    Ha, so you guys are all about the cold weather eh? Those cold temperatures the writer was being warned about are like the surface of the sun to me. I’d end up known as the Nude Serbian if I lived there.

    • gdare says:

      Forces of nature are not something to joke with 😯
      If you’ve lived there you would do as the rest of us did – dry the hair before going out πŸ˜›

  3. coisart says:

    wow… nice post…

    now explain about the draft.. πŸ˜›

    • gdare says:

      You know, when you have two windows opened in two different parts of house or apartment. Then, there is always some kind of flow of the air.
      And even tiny stream could be deathly…


      • coisart says:

        I’m from South Africa…we only have hot air.. πŸ˜›

        • gdare says:

          Then you might get a heat stroke. I told you it is deathly πŸ˜›

          • coisart says:

            I have a feeling that neither of us would be able to tolerate the others weather when it comes down to it. πŸ˜›

            • gdare says:

              On a serious side, I was tolerant to both cold and hot weather while I lived in Serbia. Belgrade has typical continental climate with sometimes cold winters and, especially in recent years, very hot summers. One and half years ago, when my father died, I spent a week in Belgrade and average temperature was 40C. Being already used to Vancouver more calmer weather, that felt like a hell to me πŸ˜›

  4. raniahajqasem says:

    ” but I still cant walk barefoot outside – during winter”i can’t believe what i’m reading , i feel cold on reading that , for me i hate snow and cold weather more than anything in this world , here we enjoy the temperate climate.

  5. kimmzifoo says:

    Someone linked me to this somewhere else, and it made me smile. It’s a nice insight into a culture I know little of, and well written. Made me smile.

  6. Hello πŸ™‚ As a typical Serbian girl/woman I wouldn’t dare to go out with wet hair πŸ˜€ No way!

  7. Hello gdare , I expect an exciting blog after this absence.

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