The End of 2011. Trip to Vancouver Island and Okanagan

San has a few weeks off so we planned this trip about 3 months ago. I will not bother you too much with details, photos I posted here and here will show you a part of what we experienced on that trip. To say the truth I got a bit bored of regular one-per-week blogging. I have no idea about what to post next so it will probably be sort of flash-of-the-moment kind of inspiration. I made big changes in my life this last year and there are more important things to plan and do in a nearby future: obtaining Canadian driving licence (my Serbian one will expire in a month and I will have to go through testing again; pain in the ass but there is no way around it), making a proper resume and finding a job, establishing dojo, buying a new sword, winning the lottery, etc, etc, etc….
Just to mention that Victoria, the capital of BC is a city where I almost felt as like being in Europe. Streets in old part look like something I have already seen in old continent and BC parliament building looks like almost every similar building I've seen all over western Europe. Being found by an Englishman, established as a trade post by another and, on the bottom line, named after one British queen, certainly helped that feeling. Just to add, they have a lot of local breweries around and beer is excellent :cheers: Food was ok too but I've seen some very odd things :left:

No, I didn't try it. I mean, I like chocolate but this was a bit too much :left:
What was really unusual was a weather. As meteorologists expected this winter to be one of the worst in Canadian history, it feels like a big fail so far. During entire trip we had mild weather and even in Tofino (where we expected a lot of rain and wind) it was unusually sunny. Well, winter is not over yet. We will see.
The biggest animal we saw was a deer in Fort Rodd Hill, even though all over Pacific Rim they put warnings about wolves and cougars :left: Well, I've seen something…

…but even after consulting Sitting Fox, I am still not sure what was that – an average wolf or a very big dog? :left:
While going to Okanagan, we stopped by in a city of Hope. Do you know why is that city THAT interesting for? I will give you a hint: one of the most famous movies in the history of cinematography was made there ๐Ÿ˜‰
We visited family and friends, spent some really nice time with them, saw a little bit of a snow in Salmon Arm and returned home. It feels good to be out of car for a while. One interesting thing is that, whenever I ask about distance from one city to another, I usually get the answer in number of hours of driving. Not in kilometers but in hours, something quite unusual for us who live or has lived in Europe. Also, it was some time ago since I was travelling for more than 600km and stayed in the same country. Well, I better say in province, because Canada is way too big.

I must say I am proud of this little girl ( :sst: San don't like me to call it "a boy"), she's been through so many roads with us without a single malfunction :happy:

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69 Responses to The End of 2011. Trip to Vancouver Island and Okanagan

  1. Aqualion says:

    Winter has been quite mild in Scandinavia too. This far, that is. We had some really wild storms over the North Sea. Actually blew the sheep off the cliffs in the Faroe islands, but that is further up North. In Denmark we've had only a few nights of frost and no snow what so ever.You will be establishing a dojo? Sounds interesting. Please write more about that.

  2. Suntana says:

    Happy New YearDarko! You certainly have some big plans. Hopefully at least some of them materialize.Hmmm??? That Frozen Pumpkin Pie dipped in Lindt Chocolate certainly is something new to me. I had never heard of that, but I'd certainly try it. It's not THAT much Chocolate. It's NOT like you'd be eating an entire Frozen Pumpkin Pie dipped in Chocolate.

  3. sanshan says:

    It's an Aveo. Her name is "Amelie" after the heroine in the movie of the same name. She takes me on adventures and brings me luck. :DI noticed that frozen pumpkin pie. I despise pumpkin pie anyway. What a waste of chocolate. Sigh.

  4. Suntana says:

    So what kind of car IS that?I think I recognize the Chevrolet logo in front, but I could be wrong.Interesting that San considers it her Girl.I'm thinking of various models of cars and can't think of a single one whereby the name screams girl. In Spanish, "Car" has Male gender while "Truck" has Female gender.

  5. gdare says:

    Martin, when I come to that I will write a post. I miss my sword practice very much. Like something is wrong in my everyday life…Carlos, I am not sure I would try that pumpkin. I mean, I eat pumpkin but frozen and with chocolate? Hmmmm…. :left:As for car, San already answered that. Funny that "truck" is female gender in Spanish. In Serbian, both are males :left:San, even more weird would be that other thing that I managed to catch only by a quarter. Something like Frozen cheese hand dipped in chocolate :insane:

  6. Suntana says:

    Chevrolet Aveo … Can't say that I had heard of it.Nice Blue color. :up:Amelie … I thought it sounded familiar, but I guess not.I thought it'd be a movie about Amelia Earhart.

  7. Suntana says:

    Now Frozen CHEESE dipped in Chocolate doesn't quite sound enticing.Of course, stick "cake" after "Cheese" making it Cheesecake and by all means dip it in Chocolate and pass me some. :headbang:

  8. spooksister says:

    wonderful photos. You'll have to camp at Pacific Rim next summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. LorenzoCelsi says:

    Happy new year

  10. SittingFox says:

    I hope you received my reply about the track – I'm getting a bit suspicious that my email doesn't always obey me when I click "send" :right: Anyway, glad you had an interesting tour and you've taken some great photos. It's a long time since I've been to Victoria but I remember the European atmosphere ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. gdare says:

    Zulia, go for it. Then share the experience, please ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Zulia says:

    I definite would try that pumpkin n choc thingee and that cheese n choc stuff! I dont think its that bad!

  13. gdare says:

    Carlos, I remember seeing Aveos in Europe so maybe initially this car was meant to be sold for European market mostly :left:Sal, I hope so. Will have to prepare very good for that, though :yes:Lorenzo and Kimberly, thanks. Happy New Year to both of you, too :cheers:Adele, I got your mail, no problem about that. But when I saw that photo you sent me, I realise that this track is much smaller. Even though San told me wolves in Alberta are much bigger :left:

  14. SittingFox says:

    The track in Jasper was about five inches across, but yes, Albertan wolves are far larger than the ones on the Island. Well, who knows. The biggest clue is really the remoteness of the location. In general (although there are exceptions) wolves like to keep well away from people.

  15. Zulia says:

    Wolves! I want to see them! But there are none over here. So is a good dojo! Ur dojo is too far for me Darko!

  16. sanshan says:

    Adele, there were lots of deer tracks on the sand so I can imagine that wolves maybe were tracking them in the early morning. But there were a lot of big dogs too. I've never seen a wolf but I have been followed by three of them when living on Swindle Island. The only evidence were the tracks that we saw when we took the same trail back.

  17. SittingFox says:

    @San – that sounds quite probable, then ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like it would be a good spot to put a trailcam! I've never seen a wolf in BC and didn't even see any tracks when I was staying in Nootka Sound, but it was apparently a poor year for them.

  18. edwardpiercy says:

    Ah, but curiosity is the root of knowledge. I'd just have to try the pumpkin pie chocolate popsicle!Of course the only knowledge I may walk away with is that it tastes like crap. Glad you and San had a nice trip. Nice wheels, too. :up:

  19. Spaggyj says:

    Happy Belated New Year :hat: I would have totally tried that weird pie on a stick. I wanna see the creature that made the pawprint :awww:

  20. edwardpiercy says:

    Originally posted by Spaggyj:

    I wanna see the creature that made the pawprint

  21. Suntana says:

    Yes, Darko, now that you mention it, that Chevrolet Aveo does look like those little cars that I see in movies with European locations.

  22. Suntana says:

    Have you already started following Canadian and / or American NFL Football, Darko?

  23. gdare says:

    Adele, well, we've seen a coyote in Okanagan valley, not far from Vernon. And it was a big one :up:Zulia, I would like to see wolf too :yes:San, you've never told me about that :left:Ed, maybe you can make it, next time when pumpkins are around, and then tell us :D:sst: that werewolf look like me when I don't shave for a couple of weeks :PKimmie, I would like to see that wolf/dog too. I just hope it don't look like me (take a look at what Ed posted ๐Ÿ˜› )Carlos, I don't follow NFL but NHL is much bigger thing here, I think ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. sanshan says:

    Originally posted by gdare:

    Carlos, I don't follow NFL but NHL is much bigger thing here, I think

    WHAT???? You have forgotten about the Grey Cup win by MY CFL TEAM already!!!!

  25. gdare says:

    I was not but it is not an everyday event :whistle:

  26. There2ia says:

    Happy New Year for both of you!

  27. Furie says:

    Did I see the corner of a sign advertising frozen cheesecake on a stick??? :eyes:

  28. Spaggyj says:

    Edward – I changed my mind ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜†

  29. Aqualion says:

    *Lion smells Wolf Man. Lion gives out asthmatic sounding caughs.*What did they put in puppy's bowl?*Caugh!*

  30. gdare says:

    Teresia, thanks! Happy New Year to you and Dirk, too :cheers:Mik, this is what I think it was written there. But frozen pumpkin pie was more interesting at a moment :left:Martin, ๐Ÿ˜† Yes, it could be him :yikes::P

  31. edwardpiercy says:

    @ Spaggi.:lol:

  32. Dacotah says:

    Happy New Year Darko and San.:hat:Love the trees in the last photo.

  33. Dacotah says:

    :sst: ๐Ÿ˜† Nice link Darko, suits him. ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Furie says:

    Bad Darko!*smacks on the nose with a rolled up newspaper*

  35. volkuro says:

    Great post Darko! :up: You have a good list of things to do in 2012 :DOriginally posted by sanshan:

    It's an Aveo. Her name is "Amelie"

    You give human names to objects? ๐Ÿ™„ :whistle:

  36. gdare says:

    Carol, thanks, Happy New Year to you and your family, too :cheers:Mik, ouch!!! Why that came for? :irked:

  37. Zulia says:

    Amelie is a cute name! Its really fits the car!

  38. Aqualion says:

    Giving human names to objects is pefectly normal. We have a dish washer called 'Laura', a steam mob called 'Kermit' (it's green), a food processor called 'Ken' or 'Kennie', and our car is called 'Hans', well, actually it's 'Little Hans'.

  39. Dacotah says:

    You are welcome Darko.Happy New Year to you and San. :cheers:

  40. gdare says:

    I wanted to call it Blue Car so it would have a proper name and surname but she insisted on Amelie :awww:

  41. volkuro says:

    I don't think Sonya would have picked this name either.. :whistle:

  42. H82typ says:

    All boats, cars and trucks are called "she" here Darko. For obvious reasons. :left: :zip:My '89 Volvo 240 doesn't have a name per se, I call her 'leibschen' when she's good and 'verdammt hund' when she's not… :whistle: and I always say, "Mutter, Bitte"? Before putting her in reverse.:lol:

  43. Suntana says:

    Pretty much all the Monster Trucks have HE names: I wonder about Carolina Crusher, High Maintenance and Hot Tamale.

  44. Suntana says:

    C'mon, Dennis! What about that famous Monster Truck – Bigfoot? :insane: With a name like that, it MUST be a HE.

  45. H82typ says:

    *nods* all of them have male monikers for sure, Carlos! When you really need it on a cold morning, and it won't turn over, then the gender changes, right quick, to be sure! :jester:

  46. gdare says:

    Originally posted by H82typ:

    When you really need it on a cold morning, and it won't turn over, then the gender changes, right quick, to be sure!


  47. sanshan says:

    @ Louis, I'm sure Cutie would agree. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  48. edwardpiercy says:

    When you really need it on a cold morning, and it won't turn over…

    …then puff up the pillow and go back to sleep.:p

  49. sanshan says:

    Originally posted by gdare:

    When you really need it on a cold morning, and it won't turn over, then the gender changes, right quick, to be sure!


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