Nothing Special

And with that I mean everything is going as planned. I am in the middle of preparations for my leave, I am doing things slowly, checking and re-checking some of it over and over again. I don`t like unpleasant surprises, not now.
Two weeks ago I was in Croatia, I went to see my relatives and friends; to visit graves of my grandma and uncle; to enjoy warmth of late summer before it is over for this year.
I am seeing some friends in Belgrade, going with them to have a coffee or beer, talking about everything. Some of them asked me if I feel anxious, I am leaving Belgrade forever; how my parents respond to that, etc. I tell them I don`t, my parents and friends know that I will always remember them, I will come to visit, we will stay in contact. But I have a wife in Canada and she is expecting me to come as soon as possible. And that I will not be me if I didn`t take another step forward and change my life in a big way. This is who I am. And, life don`t offer opportunities too often. And, I hate boredom.
So here I am, counting 22 more days before I leave. Enjoying clear blue sky and coldish mornings. Settling things. Talking to San. Preparing. Being ready.
Being happy.

Rijeka – a view toward island Krk and mountain Velebit – click on a photo to see a bigger version

Click here for more photos of Rijeka and Gorski Kotar.

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70 Responses to Nothing Special

  1. sanshan says:


  2. thetomster says:

    … that I will not be me if I didn`t take another step forward and change my life in a big way.


  3. Dacotah says:

    Darko, great photo.Nice photo album. I'm very happy that you and San are happy. :happy:

  4. Stardancer says:

    There's no better way to change your life in a big way.:up:

  5. studio41 says:

    A great post, Darko. All the best these coming days. A great life you will have!Lovely photo.

  6. thaodp says:

    Being happy.

    :yes: can feel your excitement. Best wishes for you and San πŸ™‚

  7. Aqualion says:

    Would not be the first time a European left the continent to try his fortune in the West. Travel by fire and wind, and may the old gods be with you.

  8. There2ia says:

    Originally posted by But I have a wife in Canada and she is expecting me to come as soon as possible. And that I will not be me if I didn`t take another step forward and change my life in a big way.:

    But I have a wife in Canada and she is expecting me to come as soon as possible. And that I will not be me if I didn`t take another step forward and change my life in a big way.

    You are so true πŸ™‚

  9. gdare says:

    How many points do you need on that competition? :left:

  10. gdare says:

    My Internet provider was out of service for more than 16 hours, so my apologies for late reply.San, thanks for all love and support you gave me for last 2 years. You are a big part in all of those changes that happens to me now :heart:Dirk :cheers:Carol, thank you :up: I am happy that you are happy because San and me are happy :DStar, I was never having lack of courage to do unusual things. I think my parents, relatives and friends expected from me to do something like this. I bet they were not THAT surprised at all :cheers:Jill, thank you :cheers:Mit, thanks :cheers:Martin, a part of me will always remain European, if you know what I mean. There is a saying here that we make plans while life arranges things its own way. Only 5 years ago I was never thinking I will live somewhere out of Europe. But I have found someone on the other side of the world – so be it :yes:Teresia, yes, you know what I am talking about :cheers:

  11. gdare says:

    Louis, thanks :cheers: I expect you to come to Vancouver one day, you know that. You were probably my first Opera friend, it would be nice to have a beer and talk if we can :yes:

  12. volkuro says:

    We will. The only question left is who will come first, us in Vancouver or you in Quebec? πŸ˜€

  13. volkuro says:

    Nice post filled with emotions. It's a big move you make, can't be more NLB than that! :cheers:

  14. SittingFox says:

    I'm glad things are going smoothly and quieter for you as you prepare to start the next chapter in your life :up:

  15. gdare says:

    Adele, yes, mostly smooth with few rough edges πŸ˜€ I am spending more money that I planned but what the hell…. :whistle:

  16. SittingFox says:

    Yes, I'm discovering myself that life has a tendency to be more expensive than advertised :right:

  17. sanshan says:

    President Louis, I think Dare needs a title for the NLBC.

  18. raniakasim says:

    "And that I will not be me if I didn`t take another step forward and change my life in a big way. This is who I am. And, life don`t offer opportunities too often. And, I hate boredom." i like people who think in this way .good luck Darko

  19. gdare says:

    Louis, Public Relations Officer? PRO? I already like it 😎

  20. volkuro says:

    Originally posted by sanshan:

    President Louis, I think Dare needs a title for the NLBC.

    With such a popular blog, how about Public relations officer?

  21. gdare says:

    Adele, exactly! And I hate when that happens :irked:San, what is your title? :left:Rania, thank you :up:

  22. sanshan says:

    I'm VP. Louis is president. Dr. Ghost is chancellor I think. And Mickey is our Irreverand. And now that I have gone back to our site, it says you have already taken the position of flight attendant. Ok…:whistle:

  23. rose-marie says:

    Ah… The Day is getting closer and closer. So much to do, yet time can't go fast enough… :DI was close to that part of Croatia earlier this year. It's a lovely place!Originally posted by darko:

    I am leaving Belgrade forever

    Are you sure you won't ever move back?

  24. gdare says:

    Rose, I am sure. Or maybe I will move back with San, but something really important should happen. Where have you been in Croatia?

  25. sanshan says:

    I have a name.

  26. KYren says:

    Leaving friends and family, specially parents, is a big step. I think your parents are really supportive. All the best to you, friend.

  27. H82typ says:

    πŸ˜† @ "I have a name." :p

  28. gdare says:

    San, I edited my comment :heart:Kyren, thank you :cheers:Dennis πŸ˜›

  29. sanshan says:

    hvala ljubavi :love:

  30. gdare says:

    Nema na čemu, ljubavi :love:

  31. Dacotah says:

    You are welcome Darko. :happy:

  32. rose-marie says:

    Lately, I have been playing with the idea of eventually moving back to Sweden. Of course, I don't live so far away, but still… I have never been homesick before.I was in Rovinj for a couple of weeks.

  33. Furie says:

    That's how moving home should be, especially so big a move. Good luck to you.

  34. gdare says:

    Rose, last year we were in Poreč, it is only 20km from Rovinj. Maybe less. How did you like it?Mik, thanks :cheers:

  35. PainterWoman says:

    Leaving behind a life you once had is a very huge and scary thing to do. As yet, I'm still not quite over my move but you, being younger and with a wife waiting for you, will have a much smoother transition I am sure. I can almost feel your excitement and anticipation as you mark down the days. I wish you both much happiness! :happy:

  36. gdare says:

    Pam, when I was making this post I remembered you and your move from Arizona to North Dakota last year. My feelings are mixed, I am leaving family and friends and life I had here but also I am very happy that I will live with San, that I have someone who love me and is so excited for me coming there :happy:How are you doing?Thanks :cheers:

  37. spooksister says:

    Your family must love you sooo much to be able to encourage you to begin a new life so far away from them. I remember how hard it was for me when San moved to China for a couple of years. Thank heavens for the internet and Skype. Joint vacations helped too :up:

  38. gdare says:

    Sal, they do even though they don`t show that all the time. And it is not like it was like say 50 years ago. Internet and Skype make things much easier :yes:

  39. edwardpiercy says:

    Moves are never exactly easy with all the packing and scheduling and such; but I wish you :wizard: a smooth transition, with no problems. You know I have a theory that I can never leave for someplace without leaving something behind. Recently, I left my camera behind when I went to Seattle. I mean, you would think remembering the camera would be a no-brainer on a vacation. I even had a checklist of things to take — and it wasn't on the checklist for some crazy reason. Anyway — don't forget your camera. πŸ˜€

  40. gdare says:

    I won`t forget camera. It`s too important to me πŸ˜€ Thanks :cheers:

  41. edwardpiercy says:

    Well you know that area of the world much better than I do. But Stoker does mention other countries in the Balkans. "Other Balkan States, too, were not lacking in desire to add the little territory of the Blue Mountains to their more ample possessions. Albania, Dalmatia, Herzogovina, Sevia, Bulgaria, looked with lustful eyes on the land, which was in itself a vast natural fortress, having close under its shelter perhaps the finest harbour between Gibraltar and the Dardanelles."The main threat in the novel seems to be from Turkey, however. Incidentally the novel is set in 1907.In any case, that's what Stoker had in mind I guess, but anything specific might just be me taking things too far in terms of interpretation.

  42. edwardpiercy says:

    Incidentally and almost totally off topic, I am reading Bram Stoker's The Lady of the Shroud, which is set in this rather fictional place called the Blue Mountain region, with a mountain people called the Vissarion. But given that it is supposedly on the Adriatic, and from a description of the coastline, I would say it was based loosely on Croatia. It is interesting that in the novel Stoker gets behind the whole nationalistic independence thing, which of course is one of the things that brought down the Treaty of Vienna and which helped launch WWI.

  43. gdare says:

    The Lady of the Shroud, hmmm, never read it. "A strange story comes from the Adriatic. It appears that on the night of the 9th, as the Italia Steamship Company's vessel "Victorine" was passing a little before midnight the point known as "the Spear of Ivan," on the coast of the Blue Mountains, the attention of the Captain, then on the bridge, was called by the look-out man to a tiny floating light close inshore. It is the custom of some South-going ships to run close to the Spear of Ivan in fine weather, as the water is deep, and there is no settled current; also there are no outlying rocks."It seems this was on Italian part of Adriatic sea :left:

  44. rose-marie says:

    Originally posted by gdare:

    How did you like it?

    Loved it. I've only been further south in Croatia before (the Makarska riviera), but I have to say.. I think I like Istria better. It's like being in Italy, but you get much more food πŸ˜†

  45. Suntana says:

    So, what about your Martial Arts thing, Darko?Are you retiring? :eyes:

  46. Suntana says:

    Darko, at least you are moving to as you put it, "a better place. Or something along those lines. And you pretty much know what awaits you and you seem to be looking forward to it. Unlike my oldest sister and her husband who moved to South America for 2 years and are experiencing a freakin' culture shock nightmare. Everything is super expensive. The food sucks. And pretty much everything bites. :insane: But, oh well. They're stuck for 2 years. Her husband got them into that mess by volunteering for a job assignment that he didn't have to. He obviously didn't do his homework.

  47. canadagirl says:

    I bet you're excited:), best of luck to you and your wife.

  48. gdare says:

    Ed, I think that Stoker made up that territory, because I`ve never heard of that name. Not in Balkan, that is.Originally posted by edwardpiercy:

    Albania, Dalmatia, Herzogovina, Sevia, Bulgaria, looked with lustful eyes on the land,

    That sentence would put Blue Mountains territory somewhere in southern Bosnia or northern Montenegro. On the other hand, Bulgaria would not be able to reach that region without having a war with Serbia :left:Well… I guess he wanted to emphasize relations those countries had among each other, not the territory itself.Rose, I hope you had the opportunity to drink Malvazija and/or Teran, the best sort of wines in Istria :cheers:Carlos, I think this is just first impression they have. My friend lived in most of South American countries – he was born in Columbia, actually, his father was diplomat – and he told us a lot of stories about it. It is wild, yes, but beautiful at the same time. I guess your sister expected to have the same life as in USA and this is his their "mistake". But at the end I think they might like it :up:As for Martial arts, no, I will not retire. I plan to open my own dojo and teach Battodo :DCanadagirl, thank you :cheers:San :heart:

  49. sanshan says:


  50. bentrein says:

    Being happy.

    The important part, I see is right. πŸ™‚ Good to notice you doing things right. Stay happy.

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