Mountain View, California

No, I am not going there, at least not in a nearby future πŸ˜€
Sometimes I am checking on Hitslink to see how many visitors I have and what kind of searches they do that brought them to my blog. Usually, I can see searches about Serbian cuisine, Belgrade, Adriatic sea, Japan – a lot of stuff I blogged about. Of course, I can see my friends from Opera as I know where they are from. And my friends and relatives in real life. Also, I check a number of daily visitors and when it drops under 50 I know it is time for a new post πŸ˜›
But I can`t locate anyone from this location: Mountain View, California

As far as I remember, this person is visiting my blog for more than a year now and you can see I am even bookmarked in his/her browser. But i can`t recall anyone saying he/she being from Mountain View, California. I know Ed lives in west coast but I know when he is around so it can`t be him. What about Carlos? He is the most misterious of all of my visitors πŸ˜† but I think Linda mentioned he lives in Texas.
So, Mountain View, California I must say I am glad you found my blog interesting enough to bookmark it. It would be nice to hear from you sometimes since it seems you are here on a daily basis πŸ˜€ :sherlock:

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87 Responses to Mountain View, California

  1. sanshan says:

    Well, it's not a search engine. I can't remember what it's called. I think Mickey knows. It's like an automated program that tracks us…big brother! :eyes:

  2. gdare says:

    Ok, tell me if there is this one, too πŸ™‚

  3. Dacotah says:

    May-be this post will get you your answer from that person. πŸ˜€

  4. gdare says:

    But search engines can`t bookmark… :left: Or they can? :insane:

  5. gdare says:

    San, I thought Sillicon valley is southern :sherlock: I will have to check.Carol, this is why I made it :yes:

  6. gdare says:

    I will have to take care of it then :ninja:

  7. sanshan says:

    I've noticed these kinds of trackers before. I'll search my post about it…

  8. L2D2 says:

    I get that also, Dare–not Mountain View, but other places. Sometimes, it will have someone I know, but in a place a zillion miles from where they actually live. I don't understand those at all. Either they show me as accessing from Longview, Texas, not Tyler, or else I have an admirer in Longview, who has never let themselves be known. For instance it says access was from 2/13 5:31:43 AM Rochester, New York, US, but this is Annette, who lives in Tennessee. I get those anomalies all the time and don't understand it. One from Angeliki this week said she accessed my blog from some foreign country, don't remember which one.And I just checked—there is a Mountain View Calif, access on mine today, too. I know Scott is in Calif., and a kid I call Green. It could be him. Otherwise, I'm in the dark.I have had a lot of hits since yesterday for people googling snow in Texas.

  9. sanshan says:

    Well, it is part of silicon valley.

  10. gdare says:

    Linda, sometimes people read our posts from links our names left in other people`s posts. You know I can go to your blog simply by clicking on your name here. And when searching for something. But this one is bookmarked and someone has to do it manually. I hope someone will reveal this mistery.Or Mountain View, California will present himself/herself πŸ˜€

  11. sanshan says:

    I think it may have something to do with this . lol

  12. gdare says:

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  13. sanshan says:

    Me too! I thought I might know someone there, but I'm not so sure now. I think it's some kind of search engine. Something like that.

  14. sanshan says:

    Here it is…Sprogger said it's a searchbot or an RSS reader.

  15. sanshan says:

    Well, if they're interested in you they are also interested in me. Hmm. I have another theory…

  16. sanshan says:

    It's the same IP address as the one that visits my blog.

  17. gdare says:

    Originally posted by sanshan:

    It's the same IP address as the one that visits my blog.

    Of course :left:

  18. Spaggyj says:

    I tend not to really notice repeats on hitslink unless it's weird.. For instance someone keeps searching for really rude stuff and somehow getting to my blog πŸ™„ . I do notice repeat visits from Opera members on recent visitors though. I hope you solve your mystery πŸ˜‰

  19. gdare says:

    Tell me…us πŸ˜€

  20. gdare says:

    Ok, but why would someone read my blog over RSS? Unless there is someone blogging over a mobile phone :left:Anyway, I like to think that someone is desperately interested what is going on on my blog πŸ˜†

  21. BabyJay99 says:

    😎 πŸ™‚

  22. SittingFox says:

    If they are a real person, you might scare them off with this post! :pI'm sure I've told you before, but I get the strangest searches for my own website. You'd be amazed at how many people want to know why a fox has forward-pointing ears! :left:

  23. Dacotah says:

    :doh: Oops. πŸ˜€

  24. intothedeep says:

    Mountain View has me book marked too, and like you, I have no idea who this is.I also made a post last year, hoping this person would comment. :lol:He/she remains to be a mystery.

  25. Furie says:

    It's me. :left:

  26. rose-marie says:

    I have that one too. I bet it's people from Silicon Valley out to headhunt us. :yes:But here's another mystery for you: Why is my dot not showing up on the map in this post? :confused:

  27. volkuro says:

    Sometimes I think it could come from something like that:

  28. Suntana says:

    O — Kay, Darko, I'll spill the beans.Unbeknownst to a lot of people, Texas is sooo big that actually California is a territory of Texas. So, you caught me. I'm Texan, but live in the Texan Territory – California. :left: :right: πŸ˜‰

  29. gdare says:

    :rolleyes:California people will not be happy at all πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  30. Suntana says:

    I'm sure Liv Tyler lives in California somewhere.

  31. Furie says:

    Just seen the IP. We all get that one. It's either how Google updates it's search results or part of Google Reader, I think.

  32. gdare says:

    So, after all those comments we can agree this is some kind of searchbot. Ok? :left: :right:If this is not, I hope Mountain View, California will say a word… or two :DKimmie, maybe you would share with us all of the search results those people made and ended up in your blog… :sst: not really :PAdele, do you know answer to that? Why do they have forward pointed ears?Lea :DCarol, no problem :cheers:Mik :sst: I knew it was you, just didn`t know what to blog about :whistle:Mags, I am releaved I am not the only one :happy:Rose, your dot is not there because until today, you haven`t been here for a last 24 hours 😑 Naughty one!!! :irked: :PLouis, it could be; did you subscribed?

  33. SittingFox says:

    Probably to help them when hunting – they can turn their ears a bit of course, but on balance, hearing in the same direction as they're looking is probably quite useful!

  34. rose-marie says:

    Oh… :doh:Well… oops? :p

  35. Dacotah says:


  36. gdare says:

    It make sense. My cats used to do the same πŸ˜€

  37. gdare says:

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  38. Suntana says:

    I didn't see that Mountain View, California Hit in my Hitslink, Darko. And it doesn't ring a bell as me having seen it on other occasions.

  39. volkuro says:

    Originally posted by gdare:

    Louis, it could be; did you subscribed?

    And receive my own post? :p

  40. gdare says:

    Carol :cheers:Louis :doh: I feel stupid now :left:Carlos, no problem, we can just sit and wait πŸ˜€

  41. gdare says:

    San, that hmmmm sounds misterious πŸ˜€

  42. L2D2 says:

    Originally posted by gdare:

    t Sillicon valley is southern

    Silicon Valley is in California, Dare. My niece's husband worked there; still does I guess.

  43. L2D2 says:

    Silicon Valley is the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, United States. The term originally referred to the region's large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers, but eventually came to refer to all the high-tech businesses in the area; it is now generally used as a metonym for the high-tech sector.

  44. PainterWoman says:

    I like to check hitslink to see what people google to end up on my blog. It's interesting to see. The ones in my city and state who bookmark me are what I worry about. Well, not really worry, but I wonder about them and who they are. There's quite a few every few days. I got harassed and stalked on the site I used to post on and got out of there very fast. But, at one time, I was actually thinking about buying a gun and taking lessons on how to handle and shoot it.

  45. MirabelaTM says:

    Darko, I have that too! He/she visited my blog many times :confused: it says Bookmark or direct.

  46. ellinidata says:

    πŸ˜† forget the locations!my location shows in three or four different locations! :poncea friend send me a map with a note:"careful people can locate where you live" πŸ˜† I said yeah! let them do that ! πŸ˜† the Greek coffee is boiling! :p do you also know that when I was in Paris and logged in , my location was still NYC ? yes, if your account is signed in NY and you are on a business trip in Miami, it will show you are visiting from NY πŸ˜€ tricky ,no?

  47. sanshan says:

    You doubt me? tsk tsk πŸ™„

  48. gdare says:

    Linda, thanks for the info; when I said it is more southern, I meant about SF Bay Area; also, when I checked on Google Earth, it appeared that Mountain View is also southern than SF Bay Area, actually it might be a part of Silicon Valey :)Pam, it seems this is nothing to worry about; just one computer set to collect data; don`t shoot it :no: :insane:Mira, the same I said to Pam πŸ˜€

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