But not ordinary one. I received a mail two days ago from a friend, there were few poor quality photographs of a man and some of the most deadly carnivors – lions. I was amazed to see them playing so I Googled it and found that his name is Kevin Richardson and that, somehow, he has found a way to make a contact with lions without possibility to be killed. And so far it proved to be true. What is the way he do that I don`t really know nor I could find any explanation but these photographs are showing a complete different side of big cats.

Photos source: Hemmy Net and The Daily Telegraph.

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141 Responses to Whisperer

  1. SittingFox says:

    Hmm, I get a little worried when I see things like this, to be honest. He may or may not know what he is doing, but there have been several fatalities in North America of people attempting to get closer than they should to wild carnivores after seeing "experts" do it!One person who really did know how to coexist with big cats was an amazing Indian conservationist called Billy Arjan Singh, who managed to return several orphaned leopards and tigers to the wild. There's a wonderful video of his life with one leopard, but it's hard to find these days. You can read about him here. He's a very interesting guy. He actually grew up killing big cats, until one day he shot a leopard and realised the futility and cruelty of what he had done. He turned his whole attitude around and was instrumental in getting tiger hunting closed down in India.

  2. MizzMartinez says:

    WOW! I'm simply impressed and have no words to describe my impression. :eyes:

  3. Dacotah says:

    Good post Darko. πŸ™‚

  4. PainterWoman says:

    :eyes: These are such beautiful animals but it is frightening to see a human so close to them. No matter how in tune a human feels with these animals, they are still wild animals. Offering me a million dollars wouldn't get me in a cage with one. I really don't know how people do it. They must have to push aside all fear.:faint:

  5. PainterWoman says:

    Have you heard of Ziegfried and Roy? They are magicians and have done magic acts with white tigers in Las Vegas for many years. They live with white tigers at their mansion…kept in cages…and have had many of them since they were babies. After all those years with the tigers, Roy (I think) was attacked by one of the tigers during one of the performances a couple of years ago. I saw them perform in Vegas about 20 years ago and the show was fantastic. We chose not to sit up close to the stage.

  6. rose-marie says:

    That's amazing! The two last pictures are… well… stunning, to say the least.

  7. gdare says:

    For his own good I really hope he knows what he is doing. They are amazing animals but unpredictable and deadly. I`ve read somewhere that he is zoologist so he must be aware of a danger. But watching them playing like that is touchy. World is full of miracles….Adele, I don`t remember Billy Arjan Singh but I do remember a TV show about Dudhwa National Park, I have seen it several years ago. He realy did oustanding job in preservation of maybe last sanctuary for tigers :up:

  8. gdare says:

    Rose – yes, I like when they both look at the camera :DAdele – I would like to go too :yes:

  9. Dacotah says:

    I see. πŸ™‚

  10. SittingFox says:

    Tigers in circuses… :down: Anyway, I'd love to go to Dudhwa, or back to Kanha National Park for that matter. Maybe one day! πŸ™‚

  11. Javaen says:

    I know they are dangerous, and I wouldn't try, but they are beautiful big cats and there is a part of me that would love to do what he is doing. How cute and beautiful! :oAnd I see you aren't worried about post subjects again! On to your next one! πŸ˜›

  12. thaodp says:

    These're so sweet. They touch my heart. Thank you very much for sharing.

  13. ellinidata says:

    a wild animal its unpredictable… no matter how many years pass in captivity or in association with human,it can attack not because it will mean harm but to dominate an area or show power. It is "an animal thing " proven again and again with fatal results …Wild animals have to be loved and protected but "the three fee distance" should be for safety reasons "thirty feet away" ….thanks for sharing Darko, these are amazing pictures and a brave man he is!

  14. gdare says:

    Carol – thank you; there was not much work about it though, just to write few sentences and upload photos :DPam – I have never heard of them; I believe that performance was nice, only I don`t like that kind of making animals do the things not usual for them; I remember, when I was a kid, my parnets` friends took me and two of their boys to a Russian circus, they did amazing things with animals but somehow I felt animals were forced to do the show; it is different with dolphins though, it seems they consider it as a game; I hope…

  15. Dacotah says:

    You are welcome Darko. :)Pam, I have heard of Siegfried and Roy, it was Roy, but he wasn't attacked. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siegfried_&_RoyI just watched an ABC 20/20 show on them. Roy doesn't believe his cat attacked him. Roy believes that he suffered a stroke and the cat saved his life. :)Did you see the 20/20 show about them? It was good.

  16. gdare says:

    Yes, wild animals are acting upon their nature. They are the best when left alone to live the way they can and are used to :up:

  17. gdare says:

    Java – this is because you are looking at them as a big cats, which they actually are, but not in a sense of a lolcats πŸ˜€ If this is the case only lions would be laughing πŸ˜€ :insane:Carol – somehow it is hard for me to believe in that πŸ™‚

  18. Dacotah says:

    Hi Darko, not for me, Roy is very close to cats and they are to him. It's wasn't like the attacks where you here of other owners getting killed."Wynn said that although the tiger's teeth inflicted puncture wounds that caused Horn to lose blood, there was no damage to his neck."and "Fischbacher said if Montecore had wanted to injure Horn, the tiger would have snapped his neck and shaken him back and forth." I believe that. πŸ™‚

  19. Dacotah says:

    I believe animals that love and respect you and you are close too know when there is something wrong. Like dogs that can tell if a person is having a seizure. Roy's Tigers have alot of trust and respect for Roy, there is no way in my mind that this tiger wanted to hurt him, if he did, he would of killed him. I just believe the tiger knew Roy was having a stroke and that's why he held his arm so he wouldn't fall, and when Roy fell he carried him to get help. :)Sorry, that's all. I'm long winded today.

  20. gdare says:

    Carol – maybe the tiger was scared and reacted that way :left:Mit – it was my pleasure πŸ™‚

  21. gdare says:

    Carol, no need to be sorry, this is what I meant; a tiger felt something is wrong and got scared because of something it couldn`t understand πŸ™‚

  22. Javaen says:

    From what I hear, I believe what Carol is saying is true!! . Upon regaining consciousness, the first thing he said was he didn't want the animal harmed or put down!

  23. SittingFox says:

    It would indeed, but (of course) I agree that he had no business taking tigers onto the stage in the first place. I also highly doubt that it was doing anything other than attacking him. Tigers are their own masters and should be treated with the utmost respect.Darko – I didn't even have my own camera last time I went to India. I wonder how many thousands of pictures I would take if I went there now! πŸ˜€

  24. gdare says:

    It would be the worse, to put tiger down :left:

  25. Dacotah says:

    Adele, Roy has great respect for his Tigers and they for him. There is a trust between Roy and his Tigers. Adele, you think the tiger was attacking Roy, why? If the tiger was attacking him do you not think he would of done damage to him? He had no damage from the tiger. I respect your opinion so that is why I'm asking you.

  26. Zaphira says:

    Too many comments to read them all, so forgive me if I repeat someone. :DThese photos are magnificent! Especially the second last one! Wow! :eyes:I adore lions – and cats in general, but you already know that. πŸ™‚

  27. Dacotah says:

    Thank you Adele. I understand how you feel. It makes sense to me. I just know that they never mistreated their cats and have great respect and love for them. I wish that this world could be different and give all animals their space in the wild but as you know the wild is getting smaller and smaller. :(*sighs*

  28. SittingFox says:

    Carol, thanks πŸ™‚ My opinion is that wild animals do not belong in shows like this, end of. It is an abomination to treat wild animals in this fashion. I would say that even for someone like myself, seeing wild tigers is something that is very, very uncommon; however, I would much rather never see a tiger in the flesh again, then witness one being made to do tricks. And the only way to produce white tigers is to mate close family members because both parents need to carry a recessive gene to produce the white colour. All white tigers in existance are very closely related and many have inbreeding problems like weak eyesight. They have unnaturally short lifespans compared to normal tigers and suffer from other issues like weak backs.I don't know what triggered the attack; I haven't seen footage of it. But it's not uncommon for captive big cats to suddenly attack like this. People have been suddenly killed by trained tigers while doing photo shoots with them. I would say that Roy was very, very lucky, but tigers do kill through strangulation, not through breaking their prey's neck, and as a captive tiger its hunting skills probably weren't too sharp.I am a fierce defender of all big cats. I really do love them, and have travelled the globe to find them in the wild. But I respect the fact that they can be very dangerous under some circumstances, and no circus or stage performer should handle them. I would ban the use of wild animals in such displays tomorrow if I could.

  29. SittingFox says:

    The wild is getting smaller but there is still some hope. It was believed that wild tigers would be extinct by the year 2000 but they are clinging on. Many wilderness parks are too small to sustain longterm populations, but the good ones like Kanha and the Sunderbans are doing pretty well. Unfortunately, mistreatment doesn't have to be intentional. I think there is a difference between loving an animal and loving being with an animal. I'd love to have a shire horse, but refuse to do so because keeping one in a garden the size of mine would clearly be not in its best interests, not matter how much affection I felt towards it. Tigers are intelligent, unpredictable and territorial, and with the best will in the world, capitivity – even a zoo, let alone a stage performer – cannot give them want they really need. Just my take on it πŸ˜‰

  30. Dacotah says:

    Thanks. πŸ™‚

  31. Javaen says:

    Was he? I never really notice hot guys. *goes to check*

  32. sanshan says:

    Yeah, he's hot. That's the first thing I noticed. And what makes him even more hot is his apparent sensitivity to these wild animals. A sensitive handsome man, sigh. But as others have said, he's playing with fire. Even my little 7 pound cat can do great damage when she's fearful. The instinct takes over and she forgets that I'm the one that feeds her.

  33. kalynka says:

    After the deal is done and awesome pictures are made I hope he stays away from lions :insane:!!!!:sst: The guy is hot *drools*

  34. Javaen says:

    So true. Cats can get worked up and do a lot of damage. Shoulda seen the first day my old cat and a rotwieler met thru a screen door. I still have scars on my foot where he tried to get away!!! 😦 And I must be in love. I don't think there is anything special about him, looks-wise whatsoever. πŸ˜›

  35. Dacotah says:

    Darko, I liked the two links you gave at the bottom of the post. It shows more photos. πŸ˜€

  36. gdare says:

    Adele – thanks for comments; as for camera, last year, when I was in Vienna, I made about 1000 photos; I can just imagine what would happen in Dudhwa National Park; my memorycards would not be enough; when one of my friends went to Okawango in Botsvana, she made more than 1000 photos of lions only :eyes: she adores big cats and they were so grateful for making photos; it was in 1995. when digital cameras were not usual thing to have :faint:Carol – I wanted to put only few photos to make post interesting; have you seen the one where he holds baby hyena? I was surprised to see how big this animal is :insane: I thought they are much smaller :left:Zaph – I think your love for cats is well known among members of Opera Community πŸ˜€ I am glad I made this post ;)Alla – as Adele said, making a distance is essential; let them live their lives separate from ours; as for a guy, somehow I expected you to notice him, being a party girl and so :DSanshan – you will find another sensitive man playing with fire here :)Java – we already know that πŸ˜‰ I am wondering where is wolfie, big cats probably scared him πŸ˜›

  37. Dacotah says:

    Yikes, those were only babies? I thought they were grown hyena's. :faint:

  38. Dacotah says:

    Either way, baby or grown I was shocked to see him with them.

  39. gdare says:

    I think I read somewhere it was baby hyena. Maybe I was wrong :left:

  40. gdare says:

    I would rather say it is changing πŸ˜€

  41. ricewood says:

    That guy i is living a dangerous life. But then again – so are mountaineers. And race-drivers.

  42. ricewood says:

    Indeed we need an adrenaline rush once in a while – but it wears out with age, I can tell you that πŸ˜€

  43. kalynka says:

    Hahahaha, he's an eye catcher, with all this big cats around, his sensuality and dirty clothes :flirt: Silver hair in a goatee and a massive keychain near his….:right::yikes: Sorry, got carried away :whistle:And the link you gave Sanshan-priceless πŸ˜†

  44. gdare says:

    Carol – you changed avatar :up:Alla – πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† you`ve noticed a lot about him :lol:Allan – so everyone needs a dose of adrenaline, more or less πŸ™‚

  45. gdare says:

    It was interesting to hear everything she experienced there. A silent herd of elephants heading toward river, only 10 meters away of her cabin. How hard it was to photograph a black panther because it was not friendly at all. How they disturbed a pair of elephants so male decided to attack. Luckily, he recognized the voice of a guide and calmed down. And hyppo who decided to break their party on a river bank because it was his territory. And about a crocodile who surprised them while they floated in a small boat in Okawango river :insane:A lot of interetsing stories….

  46. ricewood says:

    Well, yeah. Sort of. Or something….

  47. gdare says:

    As a photographer, you know it is not always easy to make a good photo :whistle:

  48. SittingFox says:

    I take your point Allan, but at least no one knocks a mountain down if someone dies on it. If someone provokes an animal into a fatal attack, it will almost certainly be killed. Even if it isn't put down, the negative news stories etc make conservation much harder. There was a guy who reckoned that he could stroke wild grizzlies and he did so for many years – but eventually he was killed by a couple of bears in Katmai National Park, Alaska's most precious wildlife sanctuary, and the NPS promptly shot both bears. I don't want anyone getting mauled, and I don't want thrill-seekers to rob the wild of its wildlife, either. They might get an adrenaline rush; I just get a headache :insane: @Darko – 1,000 pictures of lions?? Lucky, lucky her *is very jealous*

  49. SittingFox says:

    A black leopard?? Wow, that is a REALLY rare sight. Good for her :happy: I'd love to go to Botswana. And is Tanzania calling me again? :whistle: I think part of the reason that I've taken so warmly to the Canadian prairies is that I enjoyed travelling in Africa's tropical grasslands so much. Oh well, I cannot afford to go to Africa right now, so I just to have to enjoy the memories and other people's stories instead.

  50. gdare says:

    A very bad photos actually, in twilight, one of them showing him looking at them and another just a part of his back and a tail while he was disappearing in a grass, as far as I remember. I haven`t seen them for a while now. I have never been in Africa but it would be a nice experience.

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