I still feel like being in music these days – listening, not playing 😀 Few days ago it was blues, BB King way of blues, not John Lee Hooker kind of it. Even though I like him too 😀
Now I am listening an form of old Creole music, Zydeco. Well known in south Louisiana, USA, among French speaking Creols, this kind of music is not so much popular outside the area where it originated. Most of the people I know are unaware that kind of music exists – but I must admit I have heard for a British band that play Zydeco, The Zyderythmics :eyes: 😀
First time I have heard it, was in an old movie, Southern Comfort by Walter Hill, with Keith Carradine and Powers Boothe starring. In one scene there was a party in a Creole village, deep in a swamps of Louisiana (I am sure some of you will recognize it :D), and I was immediately appealed by a music, by its simplicity and rhythm, lead by accordion and triangle. Back then there was no Internet so it took me some time to find what kind of music it was – and then I have discovered Cajun music.
Zydeco music was originally created at house dances where the blacks and Creole people of south Louisiana would gather for socializing. It has a fast tempo usually played with button or piano accordion and a form of a washboard known as a rubboard or frottoir. Zydeco's rural form, formed about 150 years ago, is a mix of Creole and Cajun music and African-American music such as blues, R&B, jazz and gospel. At the beginning, songs were mostly in a Creole French language but today the English is prevailing.
There are a lot of good Zydeco singers popular today: Clifton Chenier, Queen Ida, Buckwheat Zydeco, Mojo and the Bayou Gypsies, Geno Delafose… But there are two of them that I like the most. Rosie Ledet and Beau Jocque.

Mary Roszela Bellard was born in rural part of Louisiana where she could listen Creole music on a daily basis but she has little interest in it until she went to zydeco dance in one small club in Lawtell, Louisiana, where she saw Boozoo Chavis play. She met there her future husband, Morris Ledet, too. He has a band and she started to learn music, watching Morris play. He has seen she is a talent and let her be a central figure in a band.

There is one video recording, Rosie playing one of my favourite Zydeco songs – "You`re No Good"

Beau Jocque was born in 1953. as Andrus Depree. After an accident that left him bedridden for a time, he started to play accordion. A soon after, he put a band together, along with his wife Shelly playing the rubboard. He took a name Beau Jocque which means Big Guy in Creole. Unfortunately, after few years, he died of heart attack in 1999. 😦

Here is a link that will lead you to a You Tube page with a video of Beau Jocque and Hi Rollers playing "One Kiss". Embedding of that video is disabled by request.


I am sorry of a somewhat poor quality of both sound and video but most of the recordings that I have found are "home made". I am :happy: though to have a two cds in my own collection 😀

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36 Responses to Zydeco

  1. gdare says:

    Hi Carol 😀

  2. Dacotah says:

    Hi Darko 😀

  3. gdare says:

    Thank you :happy:

  4. gdare says:

    They will read probably but will not make a comment. This kind of music is characteristic and as I mentioned, a very few outside USA knows about it :)I hope, when I make post about a Son, Cuban traditional music, it will be much more comments :DOn the other hand my Pink Floyd post was pretty unnoticed 😆

  5. Dacotah says:

    Yes I like your post.

  6. Dacotah says:

    You are welcome. :happy::sst: I'm sure more will read and comment on this. 🙂

  7. gdare says:

    Do you like my post? It seems you are the only one that read it by now? 😛

  8. attilasoul says:

    That people don't comment doesnt mean they don't read it. I have read all of your music posts, but at some point it is pretty tiring to keep writing "I don't know that song/that type of music".But anyway. Nice research – but I don't know that type of music. 😛

  9. gdare says:

    🙄 😀

  10. ricewood says:

    Well, I am familiar with that type of music! And I live in Scandinavia.I remember back in the eitghties when many "regular" bands around here incorporated the style into more ordinary rock music. It was sort of a fashion in those days. I remember too, that there were a couple of bands that taught themselves to do this music in it's purer form, though.I think it's great. Good for making a party.

  11. attilasoul says:

    Oh great. I make a comment and you roll your eyes of me. :irked:

  12. gdare says:

    Alan – I ahve found some videos in You Tube showing people dancing in some dancing rooms and clubs 😀 Definitely great for parties :yes:Tilla – :lol:Cois – are you laughing at my post :irked: 😛

  13. rose-marie says:


  14. Cois says:

    At Tilla.. :p silly cat..Don't know the music one little bit :awww:

  15. gdare says:

    Cois – no problem man; only Alan is familiar with it by now :DRose – do you like it?

  16. gdare says:

    "under the right circumstanses" = after some amount of martinisRight?:D

  17. rose-marie says:

    Well… I don't have any zydeco music, but it doesn't kill me to hear a few songs :p. I agree that it's good party music, under the right circumstanses :D.

  18. rose-marie says:

    Yes, I like that :D.

  19. gdare says:

    I know, I was just joking. If you followed a link to that movie part, you could see that they make party after about anything. Even just as socialising 😀

  20. rose-marie says:

    I wouldn't say no thanks :p. But what I really meant was the right atmosphere, if you know what I mean.

  21. DarkSunsGlare says:

    Oh, and don't worry about the comments. I don't get a lot at all on DSG, but judging by several indicators, there is actually a (semi)considerable amount of people reading it.The important thing is that you get through to someone. Even if that someone doesn't leave a comment.And Pink Floyd rocks. Heavily. 🙂

  22. DarkSunsGlare says:

    I am only slightly familiar with the given genre. Heard a couple of songs but never did go for it. Dunno why. Guess I had more important stuff to do at the given time.I like it :). I always like the creative usage of instruments, and their incorporation in modern music. Especialy the acordion (weird al, anyone :P) and the trumpet (like in ska music).A posebno volim da čujem harmoniku kada se NISU u pitanju narodnjaci (verovatno znaš na šta mislim, jel tako?). So, thanks for posting! 😀

  23. wickedlizard says:

    :hat: my presence was here. I like this music. :whistle: erm… just letting you know I DID read this and am now commenting, so you don't feel too lonely… :whistle: :p :devil:

  24. edwardpiercy says:

    Darko, thanks for the fast lesson on Zydeco. I know a little more about it now. The Bellard vid, I kinda like that "you are there in the club" quality to it. She has a winning smile, too.Re Jocque, enjoyed that one too. I wish I could play corrugated steel like that. Or is it corrugated tin? I've heard that some musicians prefer the corrugated steel, and some the corrugated tin. Kinda like the difference between the Les Paul and the Stratocaster.

  25. wickedlizard says:


  26. gdare says:

    Archon – thanks for commenting; before watching Southern Comfort I was unaware of that music; the same is with Cuban Son, I have heard for it first time when there was a TV show about Cuba and different aspects of its history and culture; one of my future posts will be about it – I am romantic, I can`t help it :DA što se tiče narodnjaka, turbo folk i slična sr… ne dolaze u obzir :yuck: Prošle godine sam bio na Krigla festu u Novom Sadu i slušao Šabana Bajramovića, prvi put u životu. I svidelo mi se. Ponekad još volim da čujem po neku pesmu od onih starih narodnjaka koje ti verovatno i ne pamtiš (Silvana Armenulić, na primer) ili po neku starogradsku, i to je sve :)Isabel – it is always a pleasure to see you here :DEd – I think it is corrugated tin but I am not that skilful to recognize the difference 😀

  27. gdare says:

    Da, to bi napravilo konfuziju i izazavalo pravu lavinu pitanja…. ha, mozda bi bilo i zabavno 😆

  28. DarkSunsGlare says:

    Jeste, ima vrlo velika razlika između "narodnjaka" i turbo folka. Treb'o sam odma' tako da se izrazim. Prave narodne pesme nekad mogu fino da zvuče (ali ništa nije bolje od irske narodne :D) a današnja popularna muzika je bezdušno s*anje.A inače, prebacih na srpski da izbegnem nepotrebnu zabunu oko prevoda.

  29. SittingFox says:

    Thankyou for improving my music education! I enjoyed that clip.

  30. gdare says:

    Thank you for having a patience to listen to it 😀

  31. edwardpiercy says:

    Just met a Doctor from Yugoslavia over at my doctor. He was trying to get his credentials here through. If you know what I mean. If you don't go to school here, you really have to bust balls to get your MD accepted.

  32. gdare says:

    I know what you mean. I have known some nurses and pharmacists that emigrated to Canada and USA during 90s. The reason they succeeded is the fact they didn`t have where to return. Did he said where is he from?

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