And now…

… I am back. As soon as I search through about 1000 photos I made during my two weeks in Vienna and neighbourhood I will make some posts. I hope you are all ok. It is a middle of summer – enough time for enjoying good and warm weather and a glass of :beer: or :wine: or martini πŸ˜€
See you :happy:

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57 Responses to And now…

  1. Spaggyj says:

    WELCOME BACK!! :hat: :hat:

  2. Dacotah says:

    :cheers: See you. πŸ˜€

  3. Furie says:

    Welcome home dude. Did you sing the song while you were there?

  4. attilasoul says:

    Welcome back! :happy:I hope you had a great time, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of the photos you made! :up:

  5. gdare says:

    Kimmie – thank you :DCarol – :cheers: A beer was excellent and not as expensive I expected :happy:Mik – what song you have in mind?Tilla – thank you; there are a lot of them and since today I am back in office it will take a time 😦

  6. Dacotah says:


  7. rose-marie says:

    Welcome back :martini: :hat:Wow, 1000 photos! Can't wait to see some of them :D.

  8. Cois says:

    Damn.. πŸ˜₯ and I just got used to you not being here.. πŸ˜†

  9. Furie says:

    :sing: Oooooooooooh Viennaaaaa!

  10. gdare says:

    Carol – :cheers:Rose – I have downloaded them on my PC and now I need to find a time to go through them :faint: And today I needed to work overtime :irked: If it continues this way, I will soon need another holiday :eyes:Cois – I will never be away for a long time :devil:Mik – I knew you have listened Ultravox when you were… errr… well, not old enough :PAnd I have another announcement to declare: in November I will go to Japan if everything goes as I plan; I will have another seminar and competition in Battodo :happy:

  11. rose-marie says:

    Yeah, it'll probably take some time to go through all the pictures!Oooh! Japan! That sounds so cool :yes:

  12. gdare says:


  13. Dacotah says:


  14. attilasoul says:

    Japan would be fantastic! Is there room in your suitcase for me? :awww:

  15. gdare says:

    Carol – :)Tilla – yes, if you remain quiet at the customs :left: :right:

  16. attilasoul says:

    Just make sure you make some air holes for me, otherwise I will be very quiet! :left:

  17. SittingFox says:

    Japan would be brilliant! :yes: (And welcome back, of course! Looking forward to seeing your pictures of Austria.)

  18. Spaggyj says:

    Japan! I'm so jealous!

  19. Furie says:

    Hey, November is my birthday. Don't take the mangy cat. Take me. πŸ˜€

  20. Spaggyj says:

    If you take Mik, please take me too πŸ˜₯ I can't live without the troll 😦

  21. attilasoul says:

    He said yes to me first! 😑

  22. Furie says:

    *wipes Tilla completely from Darko's memory*

  23. attilasoul says:

    I am sure you won't even fit in his suitcase! :left:

  24. Furie says:

    Look Darko, a talking cat. We can make loads of money for our trip if we sell it to medical science. Sure they'll have to dissect it, but at least we'll be able to get an ice cream on our holiday. :yes:

  25. gdare says:

    Tilla – I will put some oxygen bottles there, so you, Mik and Kimmie can breathe πŸ˜€ I can imagine a funny time you will have there :left: :lol:Mik – no selling cats in my neighbourhood :irked:Kimmie – sure, I will have a big suitcase for all of you :)Adele – thank you; I have about 1000 photographs, it will need some time to go through all of them; I thought to make a post this evening, just a small one, as an introduction and I will if I don`t get too tired πŸ™‚

  26. attilasoul says:

    I refuse to travel in the same suitcase as the troll. Only God (and Kimmie) knows when he took a bath last! :irked:

  27. attilasoul says:

    πŸ’‘ I can be in your backpack instead! Then I don't have to be in the trunk of the plane, but can look out the window when we fly! :yes:I promise I'll be quiet. :awww:*Blows the troll up with a home made bomb*

  28. gdare says:

    :faint:Errr… maybe he knows it, too :left:

  29. gdare says:

    Ok, you can even play with my camera, make some interesting photos :yes:

  30. Furie says:

    *pulls self together except for a small drop of blood that moves to the cat and infects it*Of course I know when I took a bath, Darko. Like Tilla said, only Kim and God knows when it last happened. :happy: Glad to see my enemy finally comprehends what she's up against. :yes:

  31. volkuro says:

    Only 1000! πŸ˜†

  32. gdare says:

    Mik – I knew you will notice word "God" and stick to it :lol:Louis – I have only two memory cards, one with 1GB and another with 2GB of space; I needed to choose what to photograph 😦

  33. volkuro says:

    3GB, it's not that bad… It was more a joke.Compare to the 24 exposures films we had before, it's a big step up, eh? πŸ˜€

  34. attilasoul says:

    Ah, the self appointed "god" wants to share some of his power with the ninja kitty…. that's soooo sweet. But really not necessary! :ninja:

  35. gdare says:

    Yeah, imagine what it will be do have more than 40 film cases to develop :faint:

  36. Furie says:

    No problem. Have a lightning bolt. No! Have two. πŸ˜€

  37. attilasoul says:

    That's so sweet of you, but I really got to return them to you! πŸ˜€

  38. Spaggyj says:

    Can I ride in your handbag, Darko? πŸ˜€

  39. gdare says:

    Yes, of course :D*thinking how to explain so many hand luggage to aircraft security*

  40. rose-marie says:

    Not to mention what's inside :insane:

  41. Spaggyj says:

    You HAVE a handbag? :p

  42. Furie says:

    *reflects lightning bolts back at Tilla using the mirror from Darko's handbag*

  43. gdare says:

    Rose – they would hear a party inside… and something like small war :insane:Kimmie – :confused: Mik – πŸ˜†

  44. Cois says:

    Do you have a clutch too? :whistle:

  45. gdare says:


  46. attilasoul says:

    *Pulls Kimmie out of the handbag, but leaves the troll in there. Sets it on fire…* :devil:

  47. Spaggyj says:

    Handbag is a women's item :p

  48. rose-marie says:

    *steals Darko's handbag*

  49. Furie says:

    *teleports Tilla's entire shoe collection into Darko's handbag*

  50. attilasoul says:

    πŸ˜† I love WulffMorgenthaler, they are two crazy humoured Danes! :lol::D

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